The Three Best Garage Door Trends for 2022

Garage doors can be both beautiful and functional. If you want to replace your garage door, you have a few alternatives. You may hire a professional to install a new garage door, or you can make improvements to your existing one, like installing a roller shutter remote control. By installing roller shutter controls, you can ensure convenience and safety whenever you open and close your gates and garage doors.

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Here are some of the most popular garage door designs for the coming year:

Durable materials

Durable garage doors with remote controls for convenience are one of the most popular trends sweeping the country. These garage doors are usually insulated steel, contemporary wood, and updated aluminium garages. They may work perfectly with a manual transmitter, like this durable T1-M three-button metal roller shutter transmitter.

Steel and aluminium alloys are continuously being developed to be both lighter and more durable, allowing for significant improvements in their strength and corrosion resistance. These are excellent alternatives for any home style and provide a robust, elegant appearance.

Colour trends

Aside from making your garage doors durable and convenient with remote controls, you may also spruce them up by applying bright paint. A painted garage door may complement the colours of other rooms in your house if you maintain them consistently.

Add a burst of colour to your garage door to take things to the next level. Garage doors in yellow and grey are excellent colours for homes and might offer your property a new, stylish appearance. You may also consider installing this VERSUS M8 RS3 KIT – Control Panel to your newly painted door as it is specifically designed to be installed and programmed the easiest and fastest way possible.

Carriage or farmhouse doors

Finally, a carriage or farmhouse garage door is another popular trend that will continue to rise in popularity in 2022. These doors resemble barn or stable doors and are quickly becoming quite fashionable.

Hinges or ornamental handles might be used on carriage or farmhouse doors to make your garage door gleam. They provide a rustic appearance that goes well with most properties. These garage doors can be installed with the GDRC – Universal Garage Door Remote Control Kit, especially for remotes that have been discontinued or are too pricey to replace.

Whatever your decision, there are several methods to enhance your garage door. Working with specialists like us here at C Prox Ltd Including Quantek can help you choose the appropriate style for your house.

Another way to make your garage doors more convenient and easier to access is installing roller shutter controls. Here are the reasons why:


Roller shutters provide unrivalled protection for vehicles when closed. Roller shutters are one of the most common industrial shutters because they offer excellent security for both people and vehicles.

Roller shutters can be installed in your property’s exterior access points like garage doors to improve security and serve as a deterrent for would-be burglars.

These controls can be added to your existing door or a newly installed one, providing further security and protection for your property and vehicles.

Roller shutters are also more secure for vacant structures. They offer greater security for closed stores during Christmas, company shutdowns, and many other occasions.


A roller shutter door serves as an excellent barrier against forced-entry attempts. It also provides a sense of confidence in your security, which is particularly important in areas that have been the target of recent break-ins or other criminal activity.

Roller shutters give the impression that the structure is safe and secure, which can help to prevent break-in attempts before they happen.


Rollers are standard on most modern sliding windows. Anti-fallback safety brakes are included as standard with rollers. In order to improve the protection of customers and pedestrian traffic, they can be equipped with safety edges, safety photocells, induction loops, traffic lights, audible warning whistles, and complete coil casings.

Weather protection

Doors with a roller shutter remote control provide better protection from the weather than conventional doors during periods of substantial temperature increase.

A well-installed and maintained shutter door can keep the heat and dampness out while also maintaining the surrounding temperature constant, whether there is wind or rain. Roller shutters with an insulating layer are likewise available for use in temperature-regulated environments.

Fire protection

Industrial roller shutters offer far greater fire protection than traditional wooden doors. Shutter doors may be used to contain a fire and prevent it from spreading inside or outside the structure in the event of such an incident.

It is worth noting that the degree of protection offered by a roller shutter door is dependent on its design; always verify with your industrial door supplier first if you want fire-retardant doors.

Better use of space

Unlike conventional doors that open outwards or inwards, roller shutters operate vertically and allow you to add more useful areas to your business. Vehicles may now be parked near the doors, allowing items to be loaded and unloaded more quickly – saving you time and money.

You’ll also discover that there is no need for wide-open spaces around a roller shutter door. This means that you can store goods closer to the door within the facility.


Roller shutter doors may help your company maintain a level of seclusion, both inside and outside when it is required. Roller shutter doors can provide an additional degree of privacy for your business by preventing the observation of activities within and soundproofing to minimise noise spreading outside.

Ease of use

Manual or power-operated roller shutters are simple to operate and quick to install, with most models requiring only a few minutes.

The operation of opening and shutting the shutter doors is simple, as long as they are properly maintained and serviced.

Roller shutter controls of motorised doors are also available in place of a key or rocker switch.

Value for money

Shutter doors require a bit more money up-front, but they last for years if properly maintained. When you add up the advantages of these doors over their conventional counterparts, the cost seems reasonable.

The Best Remote Controls for Your Roller Shutters

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