How to Use a Roller Shutter Remote Control

Roller shutters are commonly used on doors and windows, primarily of commercial establishments, but also private garages and some residential properties. Roller shutter remote controls add convenience to this important security measure, allowing users to open or close the roller shutter without any physical effort and from a safe distance. In this blog, we’ll talk about how to use roller shutter controls, the various applications of roller shutters, and other factors you should know about them.

Where to find a roller shutter remote control

The controls for roller shutters tend to be easy to understand and use. Most roller shutter controls only have three basic buttons, the roll up button, a stop button, and a roll down button. More expensive units may also contain additional features, like the ability to programme your roller shutters remotely.

Using roller shutter controls is correspondingly easy. The roll up button, of course, is used to open the roller shutter, while the roll down button will close it on your command. The stop button is an essential feature, used when you need the roller movement to stop for any reason, for example, if there is something blocking the path of the roller shutter as it opens or closes.

Roller shutter applications

Roller shutters are typically installed on windows, doors, and other openings. Below are some of the most common applications.

1. Security grilles

Instead of presenting a solid barrier when closed, a roller security grille is often used by stores, shops, bars and restaurants. While they bar access to a location, they still let passers-by see into the premises. Businesses can still showcase their products or brand to potential customers while protecting their premises from opportunistic theft. These types of roller shutters are also used internally – on food serveries, for instance.

2. Steel shutters for security

Roller shutters used primarily to protect premises from theft are more sturdy than regular shutter doors and are designed to discourage break-ins. Roller shutters intended to improve security will cost more, and their level of security corresponds with their cost.

3. Fire protection

Roller shutters can also be installed on fire escape routes. They can either be connected to your building’s fire alarm system so that they will operate automatically in case of a fire or manually in case of an emergency if the electricity is switched off. Roller shutters intended for fire protection are called fire shutters and are more durable than regular roller shutters.

Can you operate a roller shutter manually?

Roller shutters, when used routinely, require electricity to work, but as noted above, in the case of a power outage or other emergency, there may be occasions when you’ll want to open or close a roller shutter manually. Manual control of a roller shutter is called manual override and involves operating the roller shutter physically.

There are two types of manual override. The first is the winding handle method, which uses a hex bar winding handle to physically wind the shutter upwards or downwards, allowing it to be operated without power.

This method can be hard, depending on how easy it is to reach the override mechanism. What’s more, physically winding the handle can be slow, depending on how heavy the shutters are and the strength of the person winding the handle. This method is not always appropriate in an emergency situation, so if your roller shutter is primarily installed for security or for fire protection, it’s important that there’s a faster and easier way to deploy the mechanism.

The alternative type of manual override, then, is provided by a battery backup unit. By preinstalling a battery pack to the roller shutter, you will then have the means of providing power to the roller shutter if the mains electricity has failed. Most batteries will provide just enough electricity to power the roller shutter for between five and eight cycles, but this should be enough in most situations. If you anticipate more will be needed for any reason, you can invest in a more expensive battery pack that features a higher battery capacity.

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How to buy a roller shutter remote control online


How do roller shutter doors work?

The slats fold into a small box above the door when rolled up, and when deployed, they roll down along tracks on either side of the unit, also known as guide channels. When the shutter is fully lowered, it attaches firmly to the floor of your garage or other opening, making it very secure.

How much do roller shutters and roller shutter controls cost in the UK?

The price of roller shutters and roller shutter remote control products varies depending on the type and sophistication of the unit. As a guide, a standard colour 1.6m wide by 1.6m high electrically operated shutter will cost between £700 and £1,000. Prices for replacement remote control units begin at a little over £10.

How do I reset my garage door opener remote?

Depending on the model, press and hold the LEARN button of a garage door remote control for a few seconds until the LED light goes out. This resets the remote. Check the instructions that came with your unit or on our website, where we’ve uploaded many of our products’ user manuals.

Why can’t I program my garage door remote?

If you can’t program your garage door remote, it’s likely that the batteries are depleted. Alternatively, the remote signal may be blocked by something, or the lock button has been accidentally engaged. If addressing these problems doesn’t resolve the issue, your remote may need reprogramming, or there may be a wiring malfunction in your shutter mechanism.

How do you program a roller shutter remote?

To add a new roller shutter remote or replace a broken one, consult the user instructions. On most units, first locate and open up the control panel. Press down on the Prog/ Learn button on the panel until the LED lights up. While the light is still on, press any button on your new remote.

How do rolling garage doors work?

Rolling garage doors consist of a series of connected vertical slats. When the door is opened, the corrugations bend, allowing the steel curtain to move upwards and forming a roll that fits neatly into a box inside, above the door frame. The action is powered by electricity and can be set in motion via remote control or smartphone.

How long does a garage door opener remote last?

Little can go wrong with a security shutter remote control, but it does need some maintenance. If your remote isn’t working, check the batteries are fresh, the battery contacts are clean and dry, and the plastic cover on the infrared is clean and not overly scratched. Try resetting the system, and if none of these work, replace the remote unit.

How much does a roller shutter remote control cost

How to Replace a Garage Door Opener Remote

If your garage door opener remote is lost or no longer works, it’s simple and inexpensive to replace it with a new roller shutter remote control replacement that’s designed to work with your system. A universal garage door opener remote works well as a replacement for most models but will not necessarily be compatible with older units or every model on the market today.

First, establish which replacement remote to buy. To do this, check the model and brand name on the old remote or, if this is lost, check the make and model of the garage door. Contact us at C Prox Ltd inc Quantek for advice or to order a replacement.

Programming the new remote is fairly easy. Insert batteries and push the button on the opener’s control unit motor housing that reads “learn code” or similar. An LED will flash on the unit. Standing at least five feet from the motor housing unit, press the “open” button on the remote unit within 30 seconds. Look for light or listen for a sound to signal that the control unit has accepted the remote. Test the remote by pushing the remote’s “open” button.

How to Know Which Type of Garage Door Opener Remote to Buy

Find the garage door opener manufacturer information on the reverse of your remote or by noting down the make and model of the door’s control unit. Consult a specialist supplier who will be able to advise you on which remote will work with your door. If you own a newer model of a garage door opener, you can probably use a universal remote control and program it to operate your door.

If you have multiple door or window roller shutters, you may want to choose a single remote that can operate all your devices. This may cost a little more but adds convenience.

The Security of Remote Controlled Garage Doors

Following significant advances in how automated garage doors function over the last eight to ten years, garage doors are now more secure than they have been in the past. However, even with the rolling code technology, which is now fitted by most major garage door manufacturers, more determined criminals could still breach security by blocking and recording the signal produced when a homeowner used their remote.

The good news is that nowadays, encryption methods used by many roller shutter remote control providers are more sophisticated, similar to the security used for online banking, and it’s unlikely the average opportunist thief has access to this technology. Old-style manual or automated up and over garage doors are now the most commonly vulnerable to break-ins on garage doors.

If you want to enhance the security of your garage, home or retail premises, upgrade to the latest technology in automated roller shutters.

Whether you need a new garage or a roller blinds remote control, head to C Prox Ltd Including Quantek where we stock a wide range of replacement units and universal remotes alongside an extensive array of products for all your automation and control needs. We are always happy to offer advice and guidance to any customer who needs it.