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Buying Replacement Roller Shutter Controls for Residential Or Commercial Premises

Where to find roller shutter controls
Buying replacement roller shutter controls for residential or commercial premises 1

Here at C Prox Ltd Including Quantek, we supply an extensive range of roller shutter controls and garage door control panels for hardwired or wireless systems, and also stock the latest safety devices and other accessories. Whether you need a replacement control panel or fob for your roller shutters, for commercial, industrial or residential premises, we offer everything you need for your automation and control requirements. We’re always ready to offer advice if you need help choosing what system or replacement parts to order.

Roller shutters are convenient to use and are efficient in securing your home or your place of business. Whether you have had them installed to protect your car in a garage or to prevent theft from a shop or other workplace, they provide an extra layer of security and also protect what’s inside from extremes of heat and cold. Paired with a remote control unit for roller shutter garage doors, they can easily and safely be operated from a distance, so you aren’t hanging around in the pouring rain manually opening them.

If you’ve had your roller shutters for a while, you’ll appreciate the benefits, making it all the more disappointing if your roller shutter remote or control unit stops working. Luckily, it’s not usually an expensive problem to resolve. At C Prox Ltd Including Quantek, we have a huge range of replacement roller shutter and garage door controls and accessories of all types, and with our speedy next-day delivery option, you’ll have all you need to get your system back up and running in no time.

All our products come with complete installation and operating instructions. We have also curated an up-to-date selection of user manuals and guides on our website to assist you whenever you need them. And if you are having any difficulty in identifying the right product for your requirements, or in pairing your replacement part with your existing system, our experienced and friendly technicians are always ready to talk you through the problem.

Types of Remote Control Units

Remote control units on the market fall into two main types – those that incorporate safety devices and those that don’t. The latter – with no safety features – tend to be fitted to window openings, meaning care must be taken when opening or closing the shutter to ensure there are no obstacles. Typically, roller shutter remote control fobs for this type of unit will have a button that you must depress continuously while the shutter is in motion. Release the pressure on that button, and the mechanism will stop.

Remote control units for garage doors and other doorways have safety devices incorporated to prevent shearing or crushing injuries or damage to the door caused by other obstructions. The usual safety features include photoelectric cells or Safety Edge sensors that automatically stop the operation of the door if something interrupts the safety beam. We stock a great selection of control panels, control panels with safety features, remote wireless and hard-wired controls, key switches, wireless Safety Edge systems and safety beams to ensure your shutters or doors work just as you need them to.

Replacement and Cloning Controls

One of the most common issues you’ll encounter with roller shutters and garage doors is breakage, loss or malfunctioning of the remote controls that operate them. Even if you have an older system in place, there’s no need to worry that this makes your shutter or door obsolete. Here at C Prox Ltd Including Quantek, we stock a variety of garage door and roller shutter control replacement options from some of the best-known suppliers on the market and can recommend a unit that will be compatible with most systems.

You could even take the opportunity to upgrade your system by adding an extra layer of security with a proximity sensor or adding a Smartphone garage door controller so you can control access from your mobile devices, wherever you are.

Whether you need a replacement roller shutter door controller or an entirely new access control system for your home or business, we’ll have what you need.

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replacement roller shutter controls
Buying replacement roller shutter controls for residential or commercial premises 2

Other Remote-Control Systems Offered

Our specialisation in automation and control means we’re perfectly placed to make life easier for you by supplying the equipment that allows you to manage safety and security with just a touch of a button.

We don’t just give you remote control over your roller shutters. We also work with automatic door barriers, safety sensors, finger protection, proximity switches and key switches. These take your security to a whole new level while ensuring convenience at the same time.

Our proximity sensors alone are available in different styles and are perfect not just for entry and exit security but for easy access for people with disabilities and for people who always have their hands full. These proximity sensors can be used in laboratories, restaurants, mortuaries, hospitals and clinics, and public toilets.

Other than security and access control products, we also help to ensure easy and convenient communication across your premises, no matter what size your building is. Our intercom systems and door-entry equipment are high quality and durable. What’s more, they’re easy to install and easy to use, with options for wireless, hardwired or GSM systems.


We also offer optional video and audio on your intercoms, which is especially useful when it comes to door-entry systems. These can make it easier to manage security, ensuring you know who you’re letting in.

Browse through our catalogue to see what other products suit your needs. We have power supplies, relays and timers, exit buttons and switches, and a lot more. Our dependable customer service team is always ready to assist with the technical knowledge to recommend the best products that suit your needs.

Call us now here at C Prox Ltd Including Quantek on 01246 417113 or use the handy online chat facility between our opening hours of 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday, and let’s make your home or commercial property a safer, more efficient, and more convenient place.


Can I get a new remote control for my garage door?

Yes. Replacement garage door controls can be secured from the unit manufacturer or a specialist seller like C Prox Ltd Including Quantek. If your manufacturer is no longer producing replacement parts, ask your automation and control expert for a compatible aftermarket or universal remote controller.

How long does a garage door opener remote last?

The average garage door opener remote will last between 10 to 15 years with proper care and maintenance. Batteries, which tend to be either lithium ion or 1.5 volt alkaline, last around two years, after which they will need replacement.

How do I know what garage door my remote is compatible with?

Note down all relevant details from the unit or the instruction manual that came with the garage doors on installation, including the manufacturer and model number, and the year if you can find it. A specialist seller of automation and control systems will then be able to advise on a compatible remote to operate your garage doors.

How do I replace my garage door remote?

First, ensure that the problem with your existing remote isn’t due to depleted batteries. Next, check that the lock button isn’t engaged on the door’s control panel – press to release it. Clear any built-up debris from the remote’s antenna and ensure you’re within range of your door. Then, try reprogramming your remote according to the unit’s instructions. If none of these work, purchase a replacement remote from a specialist supplier.

Can I programme any remote to my garage door?

Yes. You can programme a universal garage door opener from most brands to operate one or two doors. Check before you buy any remote that it is compatible with your system and then follow the instructions to programme the remote. Ask a specialist supplier like us if you’re having difficulty.

What causes a garage door remote to stop working?

These are the most common problems with garage door remotes:

  • Depleted or dead batteries.
  • The remote signal is being disrupted.
  • The lock button on the control panel is engaged.
  • Your remote needs to be reprogrammed.
  • There’s a wiring malfunction within your garage door system.

Can I install my own garage door opener?

Yes, installing security shutter controls is not a complex job and can be tackled by most people. Garage door openers from popular brands come with detailed, step-by-step instructions for mounting the opener motor, the drive system components, and the controls. Ask an expert if you get stuck at any stage.

How much does a new garage door opener cost?

Replacing your garage door opener is not an expensive affair, with prices ranging from around £13 to around £30 (excluding tax). The cost will depend on the sophistication of your system, additional features required and where you buy it. Replacement batteries for your controller can cost as little as £1.50.

When might I need to reprogramme my roller shutter remote control?

Typical times you may need to reprogramme your roller shutter remote control include:

  • After you have installed new batteries – removing the old batteries, even if not completely dead, may wipe the information stored as the power source has been interrupted.
  • After a power cut – again, if there’s any interruption in the power supply to the controller unit, the internal computer system loses its internal memory.
  • If there’s a poor connection between the battery and the battery contacts.

How do you know when you need a new garage door opener?

  • The remote begins to function irregularly or completely stops working.
  • Your garage door moves slowly or slower than usual when rising, or free falls to the floor.
  • The mechanism produces loud and unusual noises.
  • Your door opens and reverses randomly and intermittently.
  • Operation of the door causes visual vibrations, and the opener mounts are shaking loose.
Which roller shutter controls should i buy
Buying replacement roller shutter controls for residential or commercial premises 3

The Advantages of Having Remote Controlled Garage Doors

Roller door controls make life more convenient as your garage doors or shutters on your premises can be opened and closed automatically – less hanging around in wintry weather while you manually open your property. Automated doors and shutters also offer greater security as they can only be opened via the appropriate roller shutter controls, deterring both determined burglars and opportunistic thieves.

The shutters or doors themselves are also much easier for those with mobility problems to operate, as there’s no heavy lifting with a remote control to do the job for you. Safety sensors and systems prevent shutters and doors from closing prematurely and trapping fingers or worse.

How to Know Which Type of Garage Door Opener Remote to Buy

If you need to replace your garage door or shutter remote, follow this simple guide:

  • Look for the manufacturer and model information on the motor unit found on the roller shutter door control box or external receiver.
  • Match the manufacturer’s brand and model number to the product description on the seller’s website. Choose a specialist supplier that will offer advice if you need it rather than a generalist ecommerce site, where you could make an expensive mistake.
  • Choose universal, programmable remote controls for new models.
  • Choose remotes with the capability to accommodate multiple devices if needed. For instance, if you have a remote-controlled light and two garage doors, you will need a remote with three buttons. Many remotes sold on the market today can come with up to four buttons.

Why Use Roller Shutters?

Roller shutters offer added security to homes and businesses alike. Because they are closely fitted to windows, you can use your roller shutter controller to regulate your property’s privacy. The shutters not only control how much UV light penetrates a room; they also prevent heat retention yet help retain warmth on cold days, reducing energy bills. Their capacity to lower noise levels is also a huge advantage. And paired with the right smartphone control kit, you can even operate your garage doors or shop shutters remotely if required.

How To Programme A Garage Door Remote

Different models may operate in various ways, but typically, you can programme your garage door remote by:

  • Finding the learn button on your garage door opener
  • Pressing and holding this for 3 seconds, then releasing it.
  • Pressing and releasing the button on your handheld remote control.
  • Next, test the sectional overhead door controls.
  • If this fails to work, refer to your model’s specific instructions or consult our specialist technicians today.

Garage Door Opener Remote Control Troubleshooting

  • Make sure the power is on and the batteries are working.
  • Try your spare garage door remote control if you have one.
  • Try the wall switch.
  • If still unsuccessful, replace the battery or reprogramme the remote.
  • It all else fails, either get a roller shutter remote control replacement or call a technician.

If you’re looking for top-of-the-range roller shutter fire control panels, replacement remotes and more to upgrade your property’s safety and security, check out our wide selection of premium products today at C Prox Ltd Including Quantek.