JCM Transmitter/Prox Management System

The Cloud Assistant is a web-based software that allows the management of up to 5000 devices including transmitters and proximity tags/cards.

The system offers offline receivers, which offer quick installation but can still be managed remotely (substitute lost remotes and add new ones) by inserting a special code into new transmitters with the Assistant programmer. When the new transmitter is first pressed within range of the receiver it automatically adds itself into the receiver’s memory, and deletes the lost remote if it is a substitution.

The system also offers connected receivers, via WiFi or LTE(4G), which allows real-time management of the installation, without the need for the Assistant programmer, as well as being able to get the status of the door.

No site visits are needed, simply send in the post and the devices will become active upon their first use. Multiple sites can be managed. The remotes cannot be cloned making it a high security system!

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