Touch For Help - DDA Alert Systems

Our hygienic Touch For Help systems are simple to install and easy to operate. When someone requires assistance, they touch the sensor and this activates the sounder to alert staff that help is required. Unlike push pads, no physical pressure is required to operate, making them ideal for users with physical disabilities. The signage aids users with visual impairments giving it a higher light reflectance value than manual push pads.

The touch for help system is manufactured using SteriTouch®, an antimicrobial protection with built-in silver ion technology. They offer protection against a range of bacteria including the Flu Virus, E. coli, MRSA, Salmonella and Legionella, as well as black mould growth, biofilm and fungi.


Ideal for –

  • Door entry assistance

  • Door exit assistance

  • Operating an automatic door

  • Access control switch


As seen on many coffee shops door entries across the country.

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