Disabled Persons RADAR Toilet System DGWCRADAR-KIT


Disabled Persons RADAR Toilet System 


Disabled persons toilet system. The full kit includes sensors, control PCB, power supply, battery, lock and break glass. An ideal system for disabled toilet doors in offices, public toilets, hospitals, doctors surgeries and shopping centres. All our RADAR systems are heavy duty and reliable.


How Our Toilet Sensors Work?

  • The toilet door is normally locked. If it is vacant, as shown by the blue status LED, the user can insert their Radar key and turn it to the right. The door will unlock and open.
  • Once inside and the door is shut, the user operates the internal Wave to Lock/Open sensor. This changes all the LED’s to red, signifying the engaged status, and inhibits the external Radar key switch.
  • When finished the user operates the same sensor and the door unlocks and opens, the LED’s change back to blue.

Manual & automatic doors

What is a RADAR Key??

RADAR Keys allow disabled people to open locked accessible toilets all over the UK. Disabled toilets are common, and certain premises are required to have them by law but they are often locked to ensure they can only be used by people who need them. This can become a problem if a member of staff is not on hand with the key when you need it. If you have mobility problems getting a key in advance is a very good idea. We stock these if you are in need of any extras.

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  • All switches are anti-microbial
  • Powered by 12-24Vdc
  • Switching red & blue LEDs to show engaged or vacant status
  • Full disabled toilet lock kit
  • Anti prank contact to prevent misuse
  • Timed clean output for auto door operation


Disabled Persons Toilet Kit Includes

  • 12V power supply with WCPCB (with control PCB)
  • Internal Wave To Lock sensor
  • External Radar sensor
  • Mag lock with door sense (will only lock when the door is shut to prevent people locking the door when no one is inside)
  • Emergency break glass with sounder
  • Battery
  • Momentary Key switch
  • Radar Key
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