What Are the Advantages of Using a Roller Shutter Fire Control Panel at Home?

Roller fire shutters are used as a safety measure against fire, controlling both flames and smoke if a fire breaks out in the building. When sited in strategic locations, they can be highly effective in preventing fire and smoke from spreading throughout a property and can be fitted on such doorways with a minimum of fuss and effort. Roller shutters can be controlled from a roller shutter fire control panel remotely. This blog will explore some of the benefits of the addition of roller shutter controls to your fire roller shutters. In addition, we’ll also discuss the benefits of fire shutters in general.

What is a roller shutter fire control panel

Why you should install roller shutter controls

A roller shutter control panel gives you unparalleled control over your roller shutter. They can be obtained for any roller shutter installation, whether in residential, commercial, or industrial premises. The control panel allows you to easily open or close roller shutters with just the press of a button. And depending on the roller shutter control panel features you choose, you can even control your shutters remotely.

Although this might seem a superfluous feature at first glance, the ability to remotely or wirelessly operate a fire roller shutter can mean the difference between managing a fire breakout safely or losing control of it. A roller shutter control panel can also make it possible to operate roller shutters automatically whenever fire, smoke, or heat is detected. Being able to control fire roller shutters both manually and automatically offers great flexibility and enhanced safety.

Advantages Of Fire Roller Shutters

But before you think about what type of roller shutter controls you might need to protect your premises, we’ll consider the benefits of installing a fire roller shutter or retrofitting your regular roller shutters with ones that are graded for fire resistance in the first place.

1. Fire roller shutters can double as security shutters

Some fire roller shutters are designed to be opened and closed as frequently as needed, so double up in purpose as security gates. Although it is possible to install a fire roller shutter to existing security shutters, as noted earlier, there are advantages to having just one rolling shutter that meets both your security and fire protection needs.

If you’re installing steel shutters for the first time and want both security and protection from fire, make sure you choose a fire roller shutter that is also rated for security use, specifically against theft and break-ins. Although fire shutters can sometimes act as security shutters, the same cannot be said for security shutters as they’re not created with fire in mind. Doing this will save you money in the long run because you’ll only have to maintain a single roller shutter instead of two. If there is no room to install one above a particular doorway, this can be remedied using a sideways roller shutter instead.

2. Reduces casualties in the event of a fire

Fire roller shutters effectively compartmentalise your building if a fire breaks out. Depending on their fire-resistance rating, they can withstand direct contact with open fire for several hours. This offers enough time for first responders to put out the fire, reducing casualties in every form – from injury or loss of human lives to damage to your property.

If you already have a fire roller shutter installed and want to add a control panel or replace an antiquated or broken one, why not look at our catalogue of roller shutter control products here at C Prox Ltd Including Quantek?

We offer a variety of equipment dedicated to managing security and safety features in residential and commercial premises, including fire shutter control panels. Every control panel we offer is easily programmable, allowing you to customise it to your needs. Naturally, every product you purchase comes with a comprehensive fire shutter control panel manual, but we also have a technical team dedicated to assisting you with any problems during installation or thereafter over the phone. Just call us on 01246 417113 or send an email to sales@cproxltd.com.

How does a roller shutter fire control panel work


What is a fire roller shutter?

Fire-rated rolling shutters are physical barriers that prevent the spread of fire through wall openings. When a fire is detected, they close automatically. Fire-rated rolling shutters function in much the same way as standard roller shutters but are designed to specifically comply with fire regulations.

Can a roller shutter door be a fire exit?

Roller shutters aren’t always suitable for fire exits because they may not open fast enough manually, or the fire may interfere with the source of power needed to open them. Sensors are available which will automatically open shutters when a smoke alarm is activated. Some also come with a manual override function. Consider your options carefully.

How do fire shutter doors work?

When sensors detect a fire, fire shutters are automatically activated. Some will be wired to the building’s fire alarm system, while others include a heat detection mechanism. You can also operate your fire doors with a collapsible fire shutter remote.

How often should fire shutters be tested?

They should be serviced every six months. Risk assessments are required to identify and eliminate all fire threats, including door checks. A suitably qualified fire risk assessment company can carry out the relevant tests and provide a detailed report on any faults such as defective fire protection. The report will also advise how faults can be rectified.

How do you reset a fire shutter door?

All systems are different, so follow the manufacturer’s instructions to reset your door or fire shutter controller. If you no longer have the original instruction manual, you can search the internet or contact us at C Prox Ltd Including Quantek for advice.

What is the purpose of a fire shutter?

Rolling fire door controller shutters reduce the impact of a fire by compartmentalising it. They contain the flames within a specified area and, by doing this, reduce the risk to life and property. They are a key part of a building’s first line of defence against fire.

Why buy a roller shutter fire control panel

Testing and Maintaining Fire Doors & Shutters

Firewalls and fire barriers create fire zones within buildings to keep risks at bay, protecting individuals and property from the spread of smoke and fire. All fire shutters installed on a property must comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. This includes the provision that the shutters must be serviced regularly to ensure safety in the event of an incident.

Failure to ensure that your shutter doors are compliant and well maintained can invalidate your insurance. Worse, you could also be prosecuted if you fail to fulfil your responsibilities under law. All relevant documentation, including details of servicing, must be made available if requested during a Health and Safety inspection.

Fire shutter doors need servicing once every six months to make sure they’re in good working condition. There must also be a risk assessment to identify and remove all potential fire risks.

Factors to be Considered When Choosing Roller Shutters

Polycarbonate roller shutters are available in a range of designs and types, so you must take the appropriate measures to select the ones that best meet your requirements. Here are some factors worth considering when making this decision:

  • Security: Security is an issue that affects all homeowners and business owners. As a result, it’s critical to think about the level of security a roller shutter provides when purchasing one for your house or business. Extra protection for roller shutters may benefit commercial areas such as shopping streets and warehouses, industrial zones, production plants, and storage facilities.
  • Cost and Budget: The most significant aspect to consider when selecting roller shutters is the cost. When it comes to roller shutters, you want long-lasting and durable solutions, so bear in mind that the cheapest option won’t necessarily be the best. Roller shutters from a respected brand that are affordably priced are a win-win situation. These will pay off in the long run.
  • Quality: On a related point, check the quality of the roller shutters you’re thinking of purchasing. Good quality units are long-lasting once installed.
  • Aesthetics: Roller shutters can help preserve and improve your company’s overall appearance. If you run a retail outlet, for instance, it is worth considering perforated shutters, which can offer the ideal balance between security and visibility of your window display.

Roller shutter fire control panels can benefit any property owner by preventing fire damage and reducing insurance premiums. At C Prox Ltd, Including Quantek, we aim to provide our customers with the very best products on the market and the highest levels of customer service too. Visit our homepage to learn more.