Factors To Check Before Purchasing a Digital Keypad Door Entry Device

If you’re thinking of purchasing a digital keypad door entry device, but don’t know which one to choose, read on for some handy tips on selecting the right one for your needs.

The good news is that most of the options on the market will do the job, but it is still important to make sure that you’re choosing the one that is most suitable for your needs. In this article, we will look at some of the factors that you should consider when purchasing a product to control access to your home or office.

Digital keypad door entry


The cost of a digital keypad door entry device depends on the number of predicted users, the number of doors you want to install them on, and the type of features you want. Generally, the more users you want to add, the more doors you want to control, and the more features you’d like, the more expensive your purchase will be. Here are some general principles to consider.


You should think about the durability of the device when you are choosing it. The door entry devices should be guaranteed to last for a long time without any problems or breakdowns.

Battery life

The next thing to consider is the battery life of the device. Most digital keypad door entry double-sided devices will last for up to 4-6 years before the batteries need to be replaced, but lesser batteries may only last a year or two.

The frequency with which you need to replace the battery also depends on how often you use the system. If your users employ the device frequently every day, then replacing the battery is more likely to become a regular routine that might need to happen every six months or so.

If however, this is not an issue because only one or two people are using the system on a more occasional basis, then it might be worth looking into other options. There are devices that run on solar power, for instance – employing solar panels which convert sunlight into electricity through photovoltaic cells. These panels can be installed on top of the house or building where they can absorb sunlight throughout daylight hours.


Security is an important consideration when purchasing a digital keypad door entry device.

  • Check that the device has passcode protection, for instance with the option to set codes with up to 10 digits or more, to help better prevent unauthorised access.
  • Make sure it has a built-in microphone or speaker system, so you can hear who is at the door even if you’re not home.
  • The device should be connected directly to your router via an Ethernet cable for maximum security and performance. If possible, avoid using Wi-Fi networks due to their potential for hacking and malware issues.

Phone Compatibility

You should also make sure that your chosen device is compatible with your phone. It may sound obvious, but if some of your users have iPhones, for example, but you purchase a door entry system that only works with Android phones, then that could be a problem. If you’re purchasing a digital door lock and want to be able to control it through an app on your phone or tablet, make sure that the app is widely available in the Apple Store or Google Play store, for instance.

Make sure that the device you purchase is compatible with your landline. Some models require a landline in order to function properly; others don’t require one at all. You may have an existing landline set up already at home, in which case these devices can be used in conjunction with them, but if not, then they will need their own dedicated phone line, which could mean paying extra fees each month just for this purpose!


A digital keypad should be accessible from a distance. This is the most important feature of any digital keypad door entry system. Your device should be able to receive and interact with commands even when it’s not right next to you.

You should also be able to install the keypad in a place that makes it easy for you to operate, but also out of reach so that others cannot abuse its functionality.

Answerphone and Recording Devices

An answerphone or recording device is a great way to ensure that you are always able to hear who your visitors are and what information they need.

This can be especially useful for security purposes, such as when you’re out at work and want to know whether anyone has been by while you were away. Answerphones are also very useful in terms of keeping track of any messages that may have come through while you were out.

Uses Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth technology is a wireless technology that allows devices to connect with each other over short distances. Bluetooth devices can be easily paired, and many digital keypad door entry device models utilise this feature to link the keypad with your smartphone.

This allows users to remotely control the locking and unlocking of doors, as well as manage guest access. Additionally, some models allow you to remotely monitor who enters or exits through the facility’s gates by sending notifications via text message or email when someone unlocks them using their phone.

Connectivity Capacity

The connectivity capacity is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a digital keypad door entry device. This refers to the ability of the device to connect with other devices, such as your computer or mobile phone.

  • Wireless connectivity: This refers to connecting via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. If you want a wireless option, look for one that has both types of connectivity so that it can be used anywhere in your home, including outdoors if needed.
  • Connectivity to other devices: You may want access to your system from multiple remote locations such as work, school and home. Make sure that whatever model you choose has this feature built-in so there’s no need for additional software or hardware purchases later on down the line.

It is important to purchase a device that covers all the basics

It is important to purchase a digital keypad door entry device that covers all the basics. You want to make sure that it has a good battery life and is easy to install, as well as being compatible with your phone and other devices such as an answerphone or recording device.

You should also check whether it uses Bluetooth technology, because this means you will be able to share your access code with others if needed.

Digital keypad door entry devices have come a long way since their inception. They have grown from simple numeric pads to devices with more sophisticated and advanced features. The reason why they have become so popular is that they are secure yet convenient, making life easier for all building users. If you are looking to buy a system like this, then it’s important that you consider the factors discussed above and contact top suppliers for further advice and guidance.

It shouldn’t just provide security and convenience, it should also be smart

Most digital keypad door entry systems are double-sided, meaning that they can be used to unlock a door from either the inside or the outside. This is a great feature for security, as it allows you to control who has access to your home or business. You can programme the system to allow entry only to authorised personnel, and if someone tries to enter without the proper code, the system will sound an alarm.

The best digital keypad door entry systems will include many other great features as well. Some models offer automatic locking and unlocking based on proximity sensors that detect when you’re approaching or leaving your home or office. This is convenient because it allows you to control when doors are locked and unlocked automatically without needing to manually do so yourself.

Opt for a keypad door entry system that has a built-in camera

Installing a digital keypad door entry with camera can be a great way to increase security at your home or business. This type of system allows you to see who is at your door before you open it, and it can also help deter criminals from trying to break in. Keypad door entry systems are relatively easy to install and can be a great way to upgrade your security.

There are many different types of keypads available today, depending on the needs of your business or home. Some keypads will allow you to add more than one user code, while others will only allow one code per device. You should consider this when deciding which type of system is right for your needs.

A keypad door entry system with a camera is also very easy to install and doesn’t require any special tools or knowledge of electrical wiring. If you have an existing keypad door entry system in place already, then it may just be a matter of adding a new piece of hardware that will allow you to see who is at your front door before opening it up out into the world.

Get the best digital keypad door entry systems from a top supplier!

The digital keypad door entry UK is a great way to keep your home or office secure. This system allows you to enter a code to unlock the door, so you don’t have to worry about losing your keys. The keypad is also very easy to use, so you won’t have any trouble getting in and out of your home or office. You can find the best digital keypad door entry systems in the UK at C Prox Ltd Including Quantek!

The digital keypad door entry system is one of the most popular systems on the market today. It’s easy to install and it’s even easier to operate, even for people who have never used this type of technology before. With just a few minutes of training, anyone can learn how to use this type of system, making it perfect for homes and businesses alike!

If you’re looking for comprehensive answers to the most frequently asked questions about digital keypad door entry devices, read on.

How does a keypad door entry work?

A keypad door entry system operates by inputting a code into the keypad on the door, which then sends a signal to the access control system to either open or close the door.

The keypad itself is usually made up of several rows and columns of buttons, and each button will have a letter or number assigned to it. To unlock the door, you simply need to enter the correct code by pressing each button in the right order.

There are a few different types of keypad door entry systems available on the market, and some of the best quality ones can be purchased from C Prox Ltd Including Quantek.

Who needs a keypad door entry?

Property owners need a keypad door entry for their businesses or homes. It is beneficial to people who have older houses where the traditional keyed entries are no longer working correctly. A digital keypad door entry can give property owners the peace of mind of knowing that their homes are secure.

They also benefit those who have home offices which need a separate entrance so owners do not have to worry about clients coming in through their personal living space. In this case, a digital keypad door entry can be used as a type of “buzzer” system to alert them when someone has arrived. Commercial businesses also use digital keypad door entries for security purposes.

How much does a video keypad door entry installation cost?

The cost of a video keypad door entry installation can vary depending on the features you want and the size of your home or office. Generally, basic systems start at around £250, but more advanced options can cost up to £825. Before deciding on a system, it’s important to consult with a professional to see what will work best for your property.

What is a keypad entry door knob?

A keypad entry door knob is a type of door knob that uses a keypad instead of a traditional key to unlock and enter the premises. These door keypad entry systems are becoming increasingly popular, especially for businesses and commercial establishments because they offer increased security and convenience.

Each keypad entry door knob has a unique code that is programmed into it. To open the door, you simply enter the code on the keypad and the door will unlock. That means there’s no need to carry around a bunch of keys or fumble with them in the dark.

The best door keypad entry systems can be found at C Prox Ltd Including Quantek. We have a wide range of options to choose from to ensure that you find the perfect one for your needs. So give us a call today to find out more!