What Are The Advantages Of Using A Keypad Door Entry System?

What is a keypad door entry system
Keypads with proximity for door entry

Here at C Prox Ltd Including Quantek, we offer an extensive range of keypad door entry pads and systems suitable for commercial and residential properties alike. Whether you are looking to install such a system for the first time, would like to upgrade an existing system, or require replacement components for a door entry system that’s no longer working, we’re sure to have what you need.

Keypad door entry systems improve security and can be installed to operate doors, gates, roller shutters and other entry points. Removing the need for physical keys entirely, these systems prevent a host of problems that surround traditional locks, including loss of keys, keys that break in locks and malfunctioning of lock mechanisms with all the expense and inconvenience that entails.

At C Prox Ltd Including Quantek, we stock electronic keypad door entry systems with varying degrees of sophistication, and at a range of price points, so there will be an option to suit both the requirements of your premises and your budget. You can ring and speak to one of our technicians if you’d like to discuss your options and the benefits of particular products in our ranges.

How Does A Keypad Door Entry System Work?

These forms of door access control keypads use a numerical code to grant access to a facility or property instead of a key. Users enter the code using a numerical pad, similar to those used on a basic calculator.

The door lock or deadbolt will unlock when the code is entered. In case of multiple incorrect attempts to input the code, some keypad locks have an automated protection mechanism that locks the door for a fixed time (usually 10 to 15 minutes).

Are Keyless Door Entry Systems More Secure?

  • Keyless door entry systems offer enhanced security in many instances.
  • They can also prove more cost-effective than traditional locks over the longer term, and smart security devices may even offer property owners the opportunity of reducing their insurance premiums as they minimise the risk of unwanted intruders.
  • There is no physical lock for burglars to pick. The doors, gates and shutters on which they are installed will lock automatically when they close. This reduces the chances of a building user accidentally leaving the property open to opportunistic thieves.
  • Pin codes can be changed simply and quickly by reprogramming the system. This prevents unauthorised access in the future if the code falls into the wrong hands or is known by former employees, for instance.
  • Some systems feature time schedules, enabling the property owner to allow access only at certain times of the day or night. This is ideal for homeowners who have retired for the night or for businesses who wish to prevent out-of-hours access, say.
  • Every entry door keypad lock is built to last, and many like our DPS-W unit are suitable for outdoor installation, meaning they are waterproof and will withstand all other elements, wear and tear and so on. They are also vandal-proof – many units are sealed and protected against wilful damage.
  • Depending on how sophisticated you want your security to be, some units combine a keypad system with a proximity reader, enabling two-factor authentication – such as our CP004-EM unit. More advanced units also introduce access management functionality such as audit trails, various authority levels, and the ability to program thousands of unique access codes or multiple schedules to limit access times for specific users.


Keypad door entry systems and other types of electronic door locks are often simple to mount and manage. Keypads can be conveniently mounted on regular doors, and most support retrofitting, meaning you can change from a conventional mechanical door with minimal fuss.

We also sell mechanical and battery-powered keypad door entry locks that don’t need to be connected to a power source. This saves money and time by avoiding the expense and inconvenience of running wires to the entrance, as well as eliminating access problems caused by power outages. While some keyless entry doors come with mechanical locks for added safety, purchasing a unit with a battery-life indicator can guarantee you’re never locked out.

Where to find a high-quality keypad door entry system
Keypad door entry

Beneficial For Users With Disabilities

Manual dexterity is needed when using a conventional key. Keypad entry for garage doors and other entry points are simpler to use than traditional keys because they do not need brute force to function. Additionally, the majority of units feature backlit keypads to ensure ease of use at night-time.

Unique Designs

You can choose from a variety of electronic locks to meet your specific needs and your property. The DPA Architrave Keypad with Proximity, for example, is a slim unit suitable for installation on a narrow architrave

At C Prox Ltd Including Quantek we have offered a wide range of access control products for a significant number of years. All of our products are delivered with installation and user instructions. We also feature a range of product manuals and diagrams here on our website to assist you with fitting and using your new security system.

If you’re struggling to install or operate your new keypad door entry system, please feel free to call us, and one of our technical team will be happy to talk you through the process. We’re also delighted to discuss which of our products would be most appropriate for your needs before you place your order, whether you’re looking for an entirely new system or are not sure of which replacement part you require for a faulty unit.

Order before 2 pm for next-day delivery available on many items for all your automation and access control needs. If you have any queries, call us on 01246 417 113 between the hours of 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday, or email us at sales@cproxltd.com today. And if you are a distributor or installer of security products or access systems, feel free to contact us for trade prices on all products.


Are keypad door entry systems worth it?

Door access control keypad systems are generally affordable, quick to install and easy to use but can significantly enhance security. They remove the worry of lost keys or unauthorised access by people who’ve had keys to your property in the past. They can be retrofitted to doors, roller shutters and gates for ease of entry by authorised personnel only.

How do keypad door locks work?

A keypad entry door lock system requires a numerical PIN (personal identification number) to gain access to a property or facility. Users punch their PIN into a numerical pad. If the correct PIN is entered, the deadbolt or door lock will be released. Some units combine a keypad with a proximity reader for two-factor authentication.

Do keyless door locks have batteries?

Yes, some models do. The battery in a door access keypad is usually located inside the lock cover, so you will need to loosen the screws holding the cover in place to access it. The majority of keyless locks use premium alkaline or lithium batteries of a specific voltage.

How do I choose a keyless door lock?

When buying a keyless door lock, consider the location of the unit – externally fitted locks should be waterproof; price; ease of installation and maintenance; and additional features such as vandal-proofing and backlit keypads. Also, decide whether you require a unit that integrates with a Smart system or a stand-alone unit. Either way, look for a low battery indicator.

What is a door entry system?

Keypad door entry systems are access control systems, designed to regulate access to restricted areas within commercial or domestic spaces. These systems can verify identity and allow only authorised staff to access specific areas of the property. Entry can be via the keypad, with a proximity reader and contactless smart card, through biometrics, and more.

Is a keypad door lock safe?

Our keypad door entry systems are made of durable high-quality materials. Only authorised users have the code required to access the property, and the door locks automatically when closed. PIN codes can be quickly and easily changed regularly or if you fear unauthorised personnel have access to them.

How long does a keyless lock last?

Standard keyless locks usually last three to five years before the battery that came fitted needs replacing. Choose electronic keyless locks with a low battery indicator light or a warning sound to prompt you to change the battery. Units themselves are typically sturdy and durable with little to go wrong, but ensure you choose an outdoor unit for external doors.

How do you fit a digital lock?

Each keyless door access lock comes with its own fitting instructions, but generally:

  • Unscrew the old doorknob and deadbolt.
  • Position and install the new deadbolt, aligning the keypad and ensuring wiring runs beneath the deadbolt.
  • Screw in place and follow the instructions to set the PIN code.

Should I get a keypad door lock?

A digital keypad door entry system is pick-proof and anti-vandal. It removes the need for physical keys, allowing entry only to people issued with the correct PIN. They are convenient where many people require access, preventing the expense of issuing new keys if one set is lost. Keypad entry is also easier for children and PWDs to manage.

How to install a keypad door entry system
Swipe card to enter building

Guide To Using A Keypad Door Lock

Here’s a guide you can refer to when choosing smart door locks:

  • Keypad lock systems

There are two varieties of keypad locks: individual locks and larger security system locks. The first encompasses all the controls and hardware of a lock in a single unit. The second draws its power from elsewhere in the building. Both work by generating a tiny electrical current to release the lock bolt.

  • Using the keypad

Different keypads are available. Some have a small number of buttons labelled with letters or numbers, while others have a complete 12-button keypad similar to those found on telephones. Typically, codes are four to eight digits long.

  • Changing codes

Changing the codes is quick and easy – check the manual that came with the unit for specific instructions.

Tips On Changing Keyless Door Lock Codes

Each of the keyless door locks on the market comes with its own instructions on changing the PIN code. Typically, the lock comes pre-set with a default master code:

  • Change the default code as soon as you’ve fitted your new lock.
  • Choose a new code with numbers that aren’t adjacent to each other, like 1234, for instance, to make it harder to guess.
  • Don’t start your code with the number 1 or use other predictable patterns.
  • Don’t use significant combinations such as your office telephone number, birthdays, anniversaries and so on.
  • Change the code from time to time or when building users leave to prevent unauthorised access.

Reasons To Install Electronic Door Locks

Here are the two main reasons for investing in an electronic door system:


Most people who choose keypad locks do so for convenience. Authorised personnel can easily gain access if they know the code.


Doors automatically lock when they close, minimising security risks.

Advantages Of Using A Keypad Door Lock

When it comes to keypad door locks, there’s a wealth of choice on the market with options to suit every requirement. Whether for your home or commercial building, for gates, doors or roller shutters. Features include the ability to combine a keypad with other forms of identification, such as a proximity reader and biometrics for heightened security. These high-technology locks are also very durable, offering a good return on investment.

To shop for the best keyless door control at C Prox Ltd Including Quantek, visit our online store now. Our products can significantly enhance the security of your home or workplace, and we offer a wide range of features, including audio, video, biometrics and more.