HSE Confirm Safety Guidelines for Powered Gates and Doors to Prevent Accidents

With the UK leaving the EU, some rules and procedures for powered door and gate safety have changed. This concerns not only individual components but also the way in which they are combined to fit a particular set of circumstances and what is done to keep them safe. Features, including roller shutter control, have been modified to meet this new standard. All roller shutter controls in the UK are expected to comply with these new rules.

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At all times, the powered gate must respond in the safest way when a person uses it. The design must take into account that foreseeable interactions may go well beyond normal use, like children using the gate or playing around with it. But most importantly, they should be able to endure normal wear and tear, environmental effects like rain and snow, and various types of debris that can impair their function.

A lot depends on how various components are connected and assembled for use in the specific local environment. These components include sensors, switches, controllers, and motors.

Safety is mostly achieved by designing the product to prevent hazards, including but not limited to the gate running away down a slope or the gate coming off the tracks.  The gap should be closed properly, and the hinges should not create crushing points. Gaps between the moving leaf and other leaves, as well as access to parts of the mechanisms, should also be checked.

The strength and stability of the foundations should be adequate to resist dynamic forces that arise from the gate’s weight as it moves. The installation should be designed safely to minimise the adverse effect of these natural movements on the actuators and sensing systems.

Safety measures are also to be set in place for speed control. They should include a deceleration system for when the door is close to the end of its travel or rotational movement because these are the moments when crushing hazards might occur. One of the best controllers for automatic doors would be the Krome Kit, which comes with the RadioSens3 system that prioritises safety even without fitting a safety edge.

The forces from moving parts should also be limited so that edges will not lead to crushing impact or other hazards. The manufacturers should also be able to detect and foresee the result of obstruction.

Non-contact sensors should also be given attention as they are not considered as high integrity safety controls, especially as they need to avoid over-sensitive tripping from leaves, snow, and rain. These sensors should be used with safety beams to prevent contact with the moving gate. A safer alternative to operate a moving gate is with a hold-to-run or automatic mode, and its overall behaviour should be based on the delivery of a system controller.  The Roller868 Roller Shutter Remote Control Panel is a great roller shutter remote control system with a dead-man or mixed semi-automatic functions to make operating gates and doors a lot safer.

Residential and commercial moving gates in general should have the ability to back off a little distance to prevent any entrapment, which could become a hazard if a person is held for a time and not rescued.

When being wired, the installation should be protected from any potential lost connections and must be able to prevent damage and deterioration.

These factors and more should be considered part of the product’s initial design. For example, a roller shutter control should have these safety properties and other features to ensure that when it is installed, it is ready to use and will be safe for use by even younger members of the household. The RC2000 Roller Shutter Remote Control Panel works well with doors that use tubular motors with built-in switches. It can also be connected to a fire alarm control panel, allowing the door to open during fire emergency cases.

Component parts will naturally deteriorate, and sometimes they can fail catastrophically, which is why they should be maintained for safety. Powered gates in workplaces or homes will need to comply with health and safety laws and should be operated with reliable roller shutter remote controls, such as the RC1000 Roller Shutter Remote Control Panel. The responsible owner should ensure that the equipment and its components are safe for use.

The owner should ensure that these types of machinery are in a safe condition, and this might involve isolating and switching off the door or shutter from the power source if it must be left in an unsafe condition. Modifications should pass re-assessment by an authorised person before being carried out.

The huge range of locations in which gates and other products are installed requires the proper risk assessment, competence, and training of installers. This is because different environments, and the factors that affect them, vary greatly.

Some locales require specific risk assessments before installation and use. Therefore, it is impossible to have a standardised solution for safety. The least that can be done is to ensure proper safety checks and procedures are carried out by experts and accredited groups.

Many organisations give general training on assessing risks, and powered gate companies provide specific training and awareness seminars nationwide. This is because powered gates require many competencies depending on the role of the gate. Different team members will have different skills based on specific requirements.

Particular hazards may remain when it comes to hinges due to the way forces are measured using the mentioned standards. These standards are more critical closer to the pivot point, especially where trapping hazards have not been removed by design or construction.

Shear gaps in sliding gates between fixed parts and moving leaves must also be checked. Force limitation suggests that, at the maximum impact, forces allowed by the standards might not always be right for the most vulnerable members of society like children, the elderly, and the like.

In commercial and industrial applications, some of the most modern controllers are available for roller shutters and garage doors. Companies may wonder how does a roller shutter control work, which is why it is important to read the manual or even ask the seller about how it works since there is a wide range of controls out there. Some are made from kits with built-in safety receivers and separate safety transmitters, which allow for quick and easy installation of wireless safety for the door. There are also some remote-control devices that allow for connection for various types of safety edges. The system could have an impact detector that can detect an impact without the need for a safety edge at all.

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