JCM Garage Door Controller Options for Businesses

The security of their premises is one of the most important considerations that business owners everywhere need to make. With so many developments in technology, there is no reason for any commercial property owner not to consider using the latest security devices to protect their premises. In particular, many roller shutter door control boxes available on the market today feature a wide array of features and can do more than just open and close your roller shutters. The latest roller shutter controls can easily be installed by trained technicians and are a great way to help business owners upgrade the security of doors and windows and keep their property better protected from intruders. What’s more, these devices offer the ultimate convenience, so staff can easily close and open the roller shutter doors at will.

What is a roller shutter door control box

One brand, in particular, stands out above the rest in terms of innovation, and that is JCM Technologies. JCM Technologies is a Spanish company that has been providing some of the best electronic solutions for property owners worldwide. With well over three decades of experience in the industry, they have become one of the go-to brands for people interested in managing and securing their commercial, residential, and industrial doors.

One of the top products that JCM Technologies offers is the ACCESS 2000 – Control Unit. A high-quality lock like this is an excellent option for any business that wants a safe and future-ready commercial security device.

The ACCESS 2000 comes in either a 230V ac or a 12V AC/DC power supply version, ensuring that it can be installed in nearly any building. It also utilises a built-in radio with an 868 MHz high security rolling code receiver. The ACCESS 2000 is very easy to configure and program and is compatible with a wide range of transmitters, proximity readers, and accessories.

This control unit is also notable for offering substantial protection against theft or hacking. It features a proprietary encryption system, ensuring that proximity tags and cards can never be cloned.

The ACCESS 2000 has two channels that can be expanded to four channels using plugin expansion cards. Along with 2000 code memory capacity, you can make sure that your property is secured in the best way possible.

The ACCESS 2000 is just one of the countless door controller options from the leading brand, JCM Technologies. If you want something simpler or more suited to residential properties, there are various other products you can try from their line-up. Here at C Prox Ltd Including Quantek, we are proud distributors of JCM products, and our customers are welcome to check our catalogue to see what else this industry-leading company has to offer. Even better, we offer a five-year warranty on the majority of JCM products we sell!

Replacement for Garage Door Controls

For most users, the common issue with automated garage or other doors is with broken or lost remote controls. People who own older systems often worry that their systems have become obsolete, so they won’t be able to replace the controller if it breaks down or can’t be found.

We have a huge range of roller shutter door control box options available which can be fitted without the need for extensive modifications, and none of these cost the earth!

Two Types of Remote-Control Units

There are two main types of remote-control unit. The main difference between the two is in terms of one additional safety feature. The more basic kind is usually fitted on windows. These close shutters slowly and consistently to protect the openings themselves. You must ensure that there are no obstructions when closing these types of shutters.

The other type of control unit has a safety feature meaning they only function while you are pressing the button. Take your finger off the button, and the door will cease to open or close. Garage doors and other doorways tend to use this feature, so the operation can be halted if someone is walking through the opening to avoid trapping them.

There are also other types of door control that have safety features, such as having photoelectric sensors fitted. These stop the operation of the door if something passes through or otherwise obstructs the safety beam.

The main benefit of remote-controlled garage doors is the convenience. Garage and other doors can be opened and closed automatically, meaning you don’t have to brave the weather in winter to access your garage.

They are also much easier to operate than manual shutters, which tend to be heavy. This is beneficial for older people or those with restricted mobility.

Automated doors also offer an extra layer of security because they will only open if you have the appropriate controls. This can help deter burglars or thieves from trying to break into your business premises, your home, or outbuildings.

What You Need to Do

If replacement units are no longer available for your older garage doors, our universal remote-control system (GDRC) is a great solution. We also have more advanced systems that include safety and smartphone controls. Please contact us for advice or any technical questions you may have.

Get Your Components from Professionals

One of the best ways to ensure you’re choosing the right roller shutter controls is to find a reputable company that has plenty of experience in the field, stocks a wide range of options, and readily offers advice on all your security needs, whether for commercial or residential properties.

At C Prox Ltd Including Quantek, we can make sure you’ll get the best quality parts and products for upgrading your garage doors. We have a wide range of products available for shipping immediately.

We have the best products for all your automation and control needs, including proximity readers, remote control panels, and lock boxes for roller shutter door controls. Send us your questions about your roller doors, and we’ll gladly help you find the right type of remote unit for them.

Don’t hesitate to call or email us today! To learn more about our offers, visit our homepage at www.quantek.co.uk.