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Remote Control Management with Web Based Software

Designed for installers and maintainers who wish to manage their installed equipment remotely, CLOUD ASSISTANT lets you do so from anywhere at any time. This means it has a tool that needs no software to be installed and is permanently updated. Communities of residents and residential areas with large numbers of users require numerous changes of transmitters due to losses, tenants leaving/arriving, etc.

With CLOUD ASSISTANT, the installer avoids the need to travel to register another transmitter, as you can do it from your office or anywhere you have a computer and an ASSISTANT available.

CLOUD ASSISTANT management software lets you create an installation with all the equipment assembled and the transmitters, cards and tags delivered. The reserve codes stored by the receiver enable registration of the new transmitters, ensuring that only you can perform that operation. It also allows you to carry out exhaustive monitoring of all installation events. You only need the ASSISTANT programming tool and access to the CLOUD ASSISTANT web site, which requires no installation, maintenance or updating.

Forget those tiresome configuration or software incompatibility problems. CLOUD ASSISTANT is compatible is compatible with the range of MOTION JCM products. So you can enjoy all the benefits of the CLOUD ASSISTANT management tool with the broad, tried and trusted range of MOTION products. And all with the JCM 5 year guarantee.

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Web-based software for programming equipment and managing installations.
• Compatible with Chrome browser.
• Multi-language.
• Equipment management by means of the ASSISTANT desktop programmer

• Simple, intuitive web environment.
• Programming of Motion receivers and transmitters.
• Enables new Motion transmitters to be added and existing ones to be replaced without travelling.
• Management by user groups.
• Management of events.
• Scheduled access at relay level.
• Universal groups with access to multiple facilities.
• Personalisation of the website and the Motion devices.
• Multi-user access.
• Multi-language.

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