FD20 Gilgen Swing Drive Operator


FD20 Gilgen Swing Drive Operator


The Gilgen FD20 Door Operator is a unit newly developed from scratch. It has a compact design and outstandingly powerful performance. It can open and close outside doors in wind speeds of up to 80 kph / 50 mph.

The swing door drive unit is equally ideal for new installations and building upgrades. Lightweight internal doors and heavy external doors can all be automated with ease. The electromechanical drive unit ensures that the door operates quietly and smoothly. The FD20 can be supplied with various different rod assembly configurations for installation in all manner of positions. This allows it to be optimised to match the architectural design of the building. Thanks to the wide range of functions offered, the user is sure to obtain a fully-customised, automatic door.

Available with Slide or Push arm and Automatic Door Signage options.

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Specification of FD20 Gilgen Swing Door Operator

  • Power transfer – Standard rods (pushing function) & Sliding rods(pushing and pulling function)
  • Dimensions of drive mechanism (mm) – H 95, W 690 , D 120
  • Weight of drive mechanism – 10,5 kg
  • Ambient temperature -15 to +50 °C
  • Protection rating – IP 40
  • Operating voltage – 230 VAC (+10/-15 %), 50 Hz, 10/13 A
  • Power consumption of drive mechanism – Max. 560 W
  • Rated motor capacity – 100 W
  • Stand-by consumption – 4 W
  • Power Supply – External user 24 VDC (±10 %), 2 A
  • Output shaft torque max.
  • 80 mm Lintel depth standard rods max. 250 mm
  • Lintel depth sliding rods -30 / +150 mm
  • Opening speed max. 40°/s
  • Closing speed max. 40°/s
  • Relative humidity max. 85 %
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