Single Phase Control Panel Kit with Impact Detector – ML8 RS3 & 2 x MUV2-HP


Single Phase Control Panel & Impact Detector Kit

The ML8 RS3 KIT is a control panel and wireless safety kit for single phase roller shutter doors up to 4 metres wide.


The innovative RadioSens3 is a third generation communication system via radio without safety edges. The system still offers all the guarantees and complies with all the same requirements as a rubber safety edge system, but takes a fraction of the time to install. All the installer needs to do is screw the Radiosens3 (RS3 TGL868) transmitter to the bottom slat of the roller shutter and program the system. It works as a security band, detecting impacts against an obstacle before the force exceeds the limits allowed by standards and reversing the door.

Wire-free installation between transmitter and receiver

No safety edge needed

For roller shutters up to 4m wide

With 2mm movement tolerance between the last and penultimate slat

In the kit is a ML8 single phase control panel, a plug in safety receiver card, the Radiosens3 impact detector safety transmitter & 2 x MUV2-HP remote controls.


Designed for maximum ease of installation and programming.

Installers can save time and cut costs due to the fact that there is no safety edge that needs to be attached and no cables, as radio technology is being deployed.

Simply attach the transmitter, wire up the control panel and the installation is complete, just programming is now required!

Control panel comes pre-wired with 2 metres of cable with a 3-pin plug on.

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Single Phase Control Panel Kit with Impact Detector - ML8 RS3 & 2 x MUV2-HP



Single Phase Control Panel Specification

  • Control panel for 1 single phase motor
  • Power supply/Max. Pow. 230V/1CV (0.75kW) or 1.2 kW engine
  • Built in 868MHz radio receiver for wireless controls. High security rolling code, cannot be cloned. 27 codes, expandable by 500 and can be managed by the ASSISTANT system if required
  • N.C Photocell input
  • N.C Stop input
  • N.O Start input
  • Inputs can be configured to suit specific requirements prior to shipping
  • Active input-output indicator
  • Status indicator by means of ERROR LED
  • Courtesy light and control buttons on the front cover
  • 5 Year Warranty!



  • Detects impact without the need for a safety edge
  • Complies with same regulations as a safety edge would
  • Quick and easy to install and program
  • Adjustable impact sensitivity
  • Transmitter power: 3V (2 x AA batteries)
  • 50 metre range
  • Max door width: 4 metres
  • Transmitter dimensions: 40 x 194.5 x 20mm
  • IP44


MUV2-HP handheld remote transmitters

  • 868MHz high security rolling code
  • 2 channels
  • Robust design
  • 100 metre range

Compatible transmitters:




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