4G GSM audio kits are manufactured in the familiar modular 4000 series range with a 316 grade stainless steel matt finish. Available from single call button applications up to 12 button kits (surface or flush). Also expandable up to 50 call buttons. All with the facility to divert to additional numbers if the first is busy or unanswered (up to 3 divert numbers per button).

The 4G GSM intercom module is able to connect to 2G, 3G and 4G networks, and is designed for global use. In addition to the existing 1000 dial to open numbers it can store up to 32 temporary dial to open numbers that are programmable from 1 – 255. It also includes an automatic time correction feature & daylight saving time adjustments.


The RS485 bus connectivity allows the 4G GSM module to be expanded to a networkable access control system (up to a total of 8 devices). They can include both proximity and coded access.

VIDEX GSM4K-1S GSM Features:
  • Compatible with 2G, 3G and 4G networks
  • 1 button up to 12 button kits available (surface or flush)
  • Expandable up to 50 call buttons using a combination of additional 4000 series button modules and surface/flush back boxes
  • DDA compliant voice annunciation and call progress LED’s
  • 4 telephone numbers per call button (1 primary and 3 diverts)
  • 1000 dial to open numbers (which can each be assigned with an access level)
  • 32 temporary dial to open numbers (programmable from 1 – 255 hours)
  • 1000 user integrated proximity access
  • 1 programmable call button timeband
  • Up to 10 programmable access control timebands
  • Up to 10 programmable free access timebands
  • Up to 10 programmable access levels
  • Automatic time correction feature including daylight time saving adjustments
  • Programming by SMS, via the Videx smartphone SMS Wizard Apps, the GSMSK PC software or the new “over the air” feature
  • Push to exit input and dry contact relay (C, NO and NC)
  • 2 auxiliary inputs and 2 auxiliary outputs
  • Micro USB connection (for ease of programming using the GSMSK software)
  • RS485 bus connection (for networking with the Art.4903 keypad and/or Art.4850R off board proximity reader or for ease of programming using the GSMSK software)
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  • Dimensions :400.40 x 135 x 44 (mm)
  • Speaker module:V-4810-1
  • Power Input/Output:230Vac / 12Vdc 2A
  • Egress input:1
  • Programming: SMS/USB
  • Auxiliary Input:2
  • USB Type: Micro
  • Lock relays:2


Programming can be carried out by SMS text messaging, by using Videx’s smartphone Apps (the SMS Wizard for users or the SMS Wizard PRO for installers and engineers). Both of which are available to download for free from Google Play or from the App Store. Programming can be carried out using the GSMSK PC software either connected via the micro USB port or RS485 bus. It can also be done remotely via the new “over the air” feature.

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