Gingers Spark Double Micro Power Lock With SDGi Bracket GS104 / CP104


Gingers Spark Double Micro Power Lock


The SDGi Micro Power Lock is ideal for automatic doors, especially for a pair where space between the operators is too narrow for conventional mag locks or where the armature intrudes on the safety sensor position.

The SDGi Micro Power Lock can also be used on manual doors where a very small and unobtrusive, yet high quality, lock is required. The magnet is a unique electromagnetic door magnet with patented inbuilt technology ensuring improved performance and reliability; a genuine alternative to square face applied magnets. There is a conical aperture in the lock which receives a strong alloy pin, in lieu of a large armature plate, creating both magnetic and mechanical holding force.

Fitting locks is never simple but the Micro Power uses the SDGi infinitely adjustable bracket allowing the installer to position the lock exactly where he wants it. The armature with the locating pin has the ability to be adjusted too, ensuring that a 100% no fuss alignment is always possible even AFTER commissioning.


For Open Out Doors

·         185 mm wide on the transom

·         140 mm wide below

·         Lock suspends 40 mm below the transom

·          Armature is 70 mm W x 26 mm H 2 No required – 1 per leaf

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Technical Specification:

      • 680 kg (1500 lb) holding force per lock
      • Multiple voltage input – any voltage from 12 vDC to 24 vDC
      • Very low current consumption 12 v = 0.28 A and 24 v = 0.14 A
      • Early warning alarm EW technology – magnets are fitted with EW pressure sensors able to send an alarm before access forced open with 0-30 second timer delay
      • Alarm relay input
      • PCB is to be located inside the transom, operator or PSU
      • Note that the lock body is rounded and has no sharp edges which gives it a different look and is also ‘safer/less hazardous’ on low height frames
      • For open-out doors the lock is fixed to the SDGi bracket allowing infinite adjustment backwards forwards and sideways
      • Armature is on a sliding plate allowing 5 mm travel left and right and 1 mm up and down travel to ensure 100% alignment
      • Standard finishes are Black and Silver – a PPC option is also available
      • Extremely high quality patented lock and bracket system
      • Variants for open out, open in and timber doors
      • Comes completely assembled so all you have to do is install it
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