Door Assist Button – DDA Compliant SGASS

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Door Assist Button

Our hardwired (12-28v DC) single gang Touch Sensor is ideal for manually triggering door openers, activating access control, door entry & other switching applications.

Unlike mechanical push pads no physical pressure is required making them ideal for users with physical disabilities. The sensitivity can be adjusted, and when activated the sensor beeps, and selectable LEDs change. They are invaluable for people with disabilities as no physical press of the switch is required. The bold, concise signage, illuminated LED options and built in sounders give aid to people with sight and hearing impairments.

We believe our sensors are modern, user friendly and the cleanest switches available on the market! They can help prevent the spread of infections and are a hygienic alternative to push pads and hospital switches.

Why choose our sensors?

  • DDA Compliant!
  • Choices of automatic door and toilet door sensors available.
  • Available in a variety of styles and designs to suit the installation.
  • Our sensors are reliable, attractive, modern and robust! We pride ourselves on repeat custom!
  • Customised signage is available, including the option to have your company name and logo added.
  • They are suitable for internal and external use (except single gang).
  • More reliable and reasonably priced than the traditional stainless steel mechanical pads!
  • Our no touch switches stop germs from spreading as bacteria can survive on your hands for up to 3 hours and 80% of contagious diseases are transmitted by touch!
  • DDA Compliant
  • 12-28Vdc
  • 4 position sensitivity adjustment (Touch to hands free)
  • Timed clean relay output
  • Selectable blue, green or red LED’s
  • Sounder on activation
  • Scratch resistant anti microbial acrylic label. Supplied with screw covers for aesthetic purposes.
  • Entire label is sensitive
  • Internal use only, IP52



Our SteriTouch® sensors offer protection against a range of bacteria including E. coli, MRSA, Salmonella and Legionella, as well as black mould growth, biofilm and fungi. Mould growth is responsible for costly redecoration cycles and respiratory complaints, especially in damp and humid environments where its prevention is otherwise difficult.

SteriTouch® works continuously and effectively to restrict this growth before it appears. It eradicates the bacteria which cause contamination and infection, as well as those responsible for odours and staining. The antimicrobial effect also protects the product against degradation, extending its use!

Our acrylic signage is protected by SteriTouch® which means 99.9% of germs will not grow on them!

Ideal Applications Include:​

  • Laboratories
  • Cleans Rooms
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Public Toilets
  • Food Processing
  • Restaurants
  • Doctors Surgeries
  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Mortuaries
  • Industrial Environments
  • Retail and Commercial Premises
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