VD959-L Adjustable Slimline Diablo Ground Vehicle Sensor


VD959-L Adjustable Slimline Mini Vehicle Sensor


The VD959-L ‘Dynamite’ Adjustable vehicle loop detector is an absolute favourite for an EXIT sensor / Loop detector that requires no loops to be cut and is self setting, so takes a quarter of the time to install than the traditional loop detectors.


It should not be used as a safety loop!


  • Adjustable Sensitivity for difficult applications
  • Designed for solar powered applications
  • Designed to be used with Diablo Controls’ free exit probe.
  • Will not interfere with other loop detectors.
  • Plug and play. Switchless and self adapting to most common installations. Connect it up and watch it work.
  • Slimline profile, perfect for many installations
  • Fail-secure operation.
  • Wide low-voltage operation.
  • Comes with 18m cable.
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Diablo Dynamite Adjustable Slimline Mini Exit Sensor & Module Kit

The ‘Dynamite’ slimline loop is a unique vehicle detector device in a 22mm diameter tube.

An integral ground cable runs back to a module in your control panel. Dynamite gives a pulse output when a vehicle drives over. It is not a safety device


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