SDGI Bracket Gingers Spark


SDGI Bracket Gingers Spark


The SDGi Bracket has been designed to alleviate all the traditional problems encountered when fitting a mag lock to an open out timber, steel or aluminium door.

It allows truly infinite adjustment and positioning of the mag lock so that it meets the armature perfectly and with minimal effort and work by the engineer. The bracket comes completely assembled.


All you have to do is –

  • – mount the bracket
  • – fit the mag lock to the sliding plate
  • – line up with the armature, wire up
  • – power up
  • – tighten up and walk away


Benefits for Facilities Management Companies
Following installation, a door can often drop or be damaged resulting in the mag lock not lining up with the armature. This compromises security and normally requires an engineer to attend. This costs money and increases the period the door is insecure. However, with the SDGi, on-site maintenance staff can easily and quickly realign the position of the magnet to instantly maintain security.


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Product features

  • Allows infinite adjustment and positioning backwards, forwards and angled.
  • Very easy to fit and drastically reduces the installation time.
  • Simple to adjust magnet position – even after commissioning.
  • No fixings required into the underside of the transom.
  • Incorporates a cavity and cut out to make cabling easier and more secure.
  • Comes completely assembled.
  • Anti-tilt.
  • Will fit most 280kg slimline mag locks*
  • Lifetime product replacement warranty.

The SDGi comprises of three key elements
1. Bracket to fix to the transom.
2. 2 end guide channels for the plate to slide between.
3. Flat bar sliding plate to fix the magnet to.

It doesn’t have to be silver! The SDGi can be any colour you like and can blend in with your frame if preferred. Please advise when ordering. Other colours will have a longer waiting time and may incur an extra cost.

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