868MHz Plug in Receiver Cards STICK

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868MHz plug in receiver cards

For Versus i20, i30 & M22 control panels. The Stick range offers two pluggable card receivers with two channels, plus the STICK 500 has a proximity reader input.

STICK30 – 30 codes

STICK500 – 500 codes


• 868 MHz receiver with inlet for 13.56 MHz (BUS-LIN) proximity readers (STICK-500 only).

• Possibility of using different elements activation (transmitters, transmitters with bi-technology, proximity keys and cards).

Installer personalisation

• The first transmitter programmed in the equipment will be personalised with your installer code. For 500-code version, Assistant and PROGMAN programming tools can be used.

Great security

• High security rolling code system with more keying bits.

Easy of use

• Pluggable receiver, with no wiring.


Simplified community installation management

Features available:

• Database with all equipment, transmitters and proximity cards/tags provided in each installation.

• Possibility of assigning standby codes. Functional transmitters, cards and tags can be sold without having to visit the installation.

• Stolen or lost transmitters, cards and tags can be replaced by new, functional ones without having to visit the installation.

• Registrations via PIN, 1 4-digit code can be allocated to a receiver and all transmitters/proximity elements must have the same PIN to be programmed in the equipment. 2 PIN codes per transmitter is permitted. Also available with PROGMAN portable programming tool.

• Possibility of personalising devices with the installer code.

• Configuration of equipment parameters such as forbidding the radio and manual programming of devices.


Great reliability and feeling of higher range for users

• With the APS (Approaching System) transmission system, the transmitter button can be pressed even outside the receiver range. The transmitter will repeatedly send a signal until the user approaches his garage door and it opens.


  • Pluggable receiver card, 2 channels, 30 codes.
  • Polarised outlet: 2 impulse channels.
  • Fixed 30 code memory.
  • Pluggable in control panel.
  • Power supply: 12Vdc from the panel.
  • Standby/Op. consumption 18mA / 40mA.
  • Operating temperature -20ºC a +85ºC.
  • Built-in antenna.
  • Code self-learning.
  • Size: 52 x 37 x 17 mm.


  • Pluggable receiver card, 2 channels, 500 codes.
  • Outlets: 2 impulse relays (can be modified to bi-stable using the ASSISTANT programming tool).
  • Removable 500-code memory.
  • Pluggable in control panel.
  • Power supply: 12Vdc from the panel.
  • Standby/Op. consumption 30mA / 90mA.
  • Maximum 3 proximity readers connected directly to the equipment (BUS-LIN).
  • BUS-LIN cable length: cable cross-sections 0.22/0.35/0.5 mm2 up to 100/150/200 m, respectively. Category 5 cable.
  • Up to 20 proximity readers in the same network using an external power supply (BUS-LIN).
  • Operating temperature -20ºC a +85ºC.
  • Built-in antenna.
  • Code self-learning or with programmer.
  • Size: 52 x 46 x 24 mm.
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