i20 Three Phase Control Panel


Versus i20 Three Phase Control Panel


The i20 is a high spec control panel for 3 phase industrial roller shutters of all types, including roller, folding and fast doors.


  • The i20 three-phase control panel is compatible with all motors
  • Easy to programme, with programming buttons on the board
  • Software and finishes that are totally adaptable to your needs
  • Easy and intuitive operational mode adjustment
  • Special connector with digital limit switches ELEKTROMATEN and KOSTAL
  • 24 Vac/dc outputs: Max. power 700mA
  • Connectors for magnetic loop cards, security receiver, and fobs to avoid wiring
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  • Three-phase motor control panel
  • Maximum motor power 230V/1.1KW and 400V/2.2KW
  • Compatible with all motors
  • Special connector for ELEKTROMATEN and KOSTAL digital limit switches
  • Connector for pluggable receiver for remote controls
  • Connector for pluggable receiver for wireless safety edge
  • 6 independent configurable inputs for safety beams, safety edges, push buttons, limit switches, etc
  • 24Vac/24dc/24dc test outputs
  • Door open/closed status outputs
  • Active inputs/outputs LED indicators
  • Built in buttons on the cover
  • Autoclose function
  • Easy to program from buttons on the board
  • 5 Year Warranty!
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