Push Pad Alternative Proximity Switches - Wireless

DDA compliant Push Pad alternative

When activated the sensor beeps, and a green LED flashes. Unlike mechanical push pads no physical pressure is required making them invaluable for people with disabilities. The bold, concise signage, illuminated LED and built in sounders give aid to people with sight and hearing impairments. We believe our sensors are modern, user friendly and the cleanest switches available on the market! They can help prevent the spread of infections and are a hygienic alternative to push pads and hospital switches.

Easy to install and operate! They last approximately 100,000 operations using 4 X AA batteries.

Whole label is sensitive and will only activate once, even if your hand is left on. The sensor beeps and a green LED lights up on activation. The sensor is also protected with SteriTouch®, protecting the user from 99.9% bacteria.

Bespoke design options are available. Why not add your company name and logo? Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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